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Travelling with infants and toddlers

We're there every step of the way to give you extra comforts on your journey with your children. From baby bassinets and meals to toys and extra baggage allowances, enjoy family-friendly travel with infants on Uganda Airlines.
Infant and baby seating
Infant and baby seating

Children within 14 days - 8 months of age are classified as infants and occupy a seat with the mother/father. Only one infant per adult will be allowed for check-in.

Note: For children with 2-12 years + are not permitted to sit on the lap of their parent/Guardian
Baby bassinets

Bassinets are available on a first come, first serve basis for infants weighing up to 11kg with in ages 9-23 months for mothers flying on our Airbus A330 operated flights. Please note bassinets are not available on our regional flights operated by the Bombardier CRJ 900.

For safety reasons, you may only use a bassinet when the seatbelt sign is switched off and when the cabin crew permits you to do so. When the seatbelt sign is on, you must secure your child on your lap using an infant seatbelt; our cabin crew will provide a seatbelt for you and show you how to use it.

Baby bassinets
Breastfeeding on board
Nursing Mothers

Uganda airlines welcomes customers who are nursing who wish to breastfeed on the aircraft. We encourage you to ask for a blanket when making reservations.

The baggage containing a breast pump and/or breast milk may be brought onboard in addition to the standard carryon limit (carry-on kg) of one bag plus one small, personal item, provided baggage contains no other personal items.

Changing baby on board

You’ll find changing tables in the bathrooms so you can comfortably change your baby on board. We’ll also give you an infant kit filled with useful essentials, like nappy cream, bibs and wipes.

Changing baby on board





Food on board


7 days – 23 months


No, infants are permitted to sit on the lap of their parent/guardian

Available on a first come, first served basis for infants weighing up to 11kg

Request a baby’s meal up to 24 hours before your flight

Checked baggage on long haul flights: 23kg

Checked baggage to/from all other regional destinations: 10kg

Cabin baggage: One piece, 5kg

2 – 11 years


Yes, children are not permitted to sit on the lap of their parent/guardian


Request a child’s meal up to 24 hours before your flight

Normal baggage rules apply

12 years +




Adult meal

Normal baggage rules apply

Special kids’ meals

Uganda Airlines provides children aged between 2 - 12 years of age with special kids’ meals, just be sure to pre-order your child’s meal at least 4days before departure.

Depending on the length of your flight, we will serve you a light snack or a delicious multi-course meal made using our very best local products. All snacks, meals and beverages are complimentary and are included in your ticket price.

Note: If your child has a specific diet, choose from our special meals when you book, also take this opportunity to inform us of any food allergies your child may have.

If your infant is less than 2 years of age and has any special requirements, we provide a limited range of top brand baby food, milk, cereals, and tinned baby food on long flights.

Therefore, we allow passengers to bring your own un-opened food on board, our cabin crew will help you with food and bottle warming but a reasonable quantity' will be at the discretion of the security screening officer at customs.

Uganda Airlines doesn’t provide sterilized bottles or any other equipment for infants, these should be part of carry-on baggage however we provide hot water for baby formula.

Note: Please make sure your child rehydrates regularly on the flight, particularly on longer flights to counteract the dry air onboard.
Car seats and strollers/ pushchairs

Safety is our number one priority for you and your family! If you do plan to use a car seat on the aircraft, we recommend that you make your booking at least 7 days prior to travel, as you'll need to book and purchase a separate seat and receive pre-approval for your device at least 24 hours before departure. You will also need to show your device to our airport staff on the day of travel, including at check-in.

Our cabin crew can assist by raising the armrests, so that you can secure the aircraft seat belt to the car seat.

Note: The passenger must take full responsibility for fitting the device to the aircraft chair in accordance with the manufacturer instructions and aircraft policy.

Passengers, with strollers, once you have checked-in your own personal stroller. Staff will be on hand at the boarding gate ready to collect the stroller and to further assist you with pre-boarding the aircraft. However, we recommend passengers to use strollers or push chairs that are adjustable.