Basic Travel Requirements for Departing Passengers Travelling Through Entebbe International Airport:- Uganda Airlines

Basic travel requirements for departing passengers travelling through Entebbe International Airport

  • A valid passport.
  • A valid visa for countries where this is required.
  • An airline ticket(hard copy or e-ticket).
  • Valid yellow fever vaccination card (incase the destination country requires it).

NB: otherwise, passengers must seek for additional information from their respective airlines regarding destination travel requirements (as some of these keep changing from time to time or may be beyond what is stated above.)

Travel process for departing passengers through Entebbe International Airport

  • First security checkpoint at the gate / entrace of Entebbe International Airport: The driver and occupants of the vehicle are required to undergo security screening and the motor vehicle is physically inspected.
  • Car park access: The cars are to be parked in the public car park and the passenger accesses the departure level to start on the travel process.
  • Second security checkpoint on departure level: Travelling passengers are separated from non-travellers. The passenger should show their passport and ticket so as to proceed to the restricted area.
  • Hold Baggage checkpoint: Passengers' bags are screened through the screening machine by Aviation Security Staff.
  • Documents verification: At this point, a passenger is required to show their passport as their legal identity and the ticket showing their destination of travel to the Airline staff or their representatives, the Ground Handling Staff who after verification will stamp either the visa (if paper visa) or the ticket for the next step of check-in. A valid yellow fever vaccination card should be presented (incase the destination country requires it). Any non-compliances will be communicated to the passenger and if they can not be fulfilled, the passenger may be denied travel.
  • Check-in Counter & Baggage Drop: After meeting the destination requirements, the passenger presents the passport, ticket or visa with stamp for check-in. Baggage weight is measured in accordance with the required weight as indicated on the passenger ticket. Incase of any excess baggage, ticket changes or upgrades, the passenger is advised on the cost and is reffered to the relevant airline for payment. Physical or electronic receipts will be issued for such payments. The passenge is then issued the boarding pass and baggage claim tags.
  • NB: Please note that there are two types of check-in for passengers:-

    • Online checked-in passengers who do not need to go through the check-in counters, if they do not have baggage to check-in.
    • Non-online checked-in passengers who have to follow all processes of check-in.
  • Immigration Desk: Responsible for boarder management and detection of human and child trafficking. A passenger will required to present passport for exit visit / stamp, boarding passes and hotel booking. Immigration officers permit the passenger to proceed for travel if they meet the destination requirement and have complied with Uganda's rules and regulations. Incase the departing passenger had visited Uganda, they shouldn't have exceeded their issued visa period. If there are any pertinent reasons (non-compliance with any of the requirements), the passenger may be denied exit by immigration, and in that case the airline or Ground Handling agent is informed.
  • Last Security Check: The passenger will be required to through this security point before entering the boarding gate and any prohibited item will be withdrawn from the passenger. The items may be handed over to the passenger's family, if they are still available at the airport or may be disposed off by the security through a court order.
  • Boarding Gate: The passenger will be required to go through the boarding gates, 20 minutes before the flight's departure. At the entrance of the boarding gate, the passenger will undergo a last check by the Airline prior to boarding to confirm nothing has changed throughout the process. The passenger will then board the aircraft.

The responsibility of ensuring all travel requirements for origin, transit and destination lies with the passenger as per contract of carriage with the airline - which is the ticket.