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Uganda Airlines has one of the worldโ€™s youngest airlines fleets, with an average aircraft age of approximately one year. Narrow-body Bombadier CRJ-900 and wide-body Airbus A330Neo operate a mix of short, medium, and long-haul international routes.

Airbus A330Neo

Count: 2

  • Remix business with pleasure when you fly Business Class. Whether youโ€™re travelling for work or play, cultivate your passions on your journey.
  • Unwind in the perfect living space. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and over 4,500 channels of entertainment, or take a stroll to the onboard lounge.

Bombadier CRJ-900

Count: 4

  • Itโ€™s Economy Class that feels like an upgrade. Sit back in comfort, and lose yourself in the latest films and TV shows.
  • With thousands of channels, onboard Wi-Fi and regional cuisine, you can expect more in the Uganda Airlines Economy Class.
  • Choose a regionally inspired meal from the onboard menu and enjoy dining that takes you places.
  • Enjoy endless laughter, thrills and love on board. Choose from the latest movies and your favourite box sets.