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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates: Flights Status and Travel Information

Following the spread of COVID-19 and the control measures put in place by various countries to contain it’s spread; In compliance with health and safety guidelines, operational requirements and regulatory obligations, we wish to communicate the following;


The following changes are being made to our schedule operations;

NBO / Nairobi

  • Reduced Frequency for EBBNBOEBB. Flight No UR206/207 (Afternoon) will be suspended effective Monday 23rd March till further notice.
  • The rest of the flights UR202/203 (Morning) and UR204/205 (Evening) will remain in operation.

MGQ / Mogadishu

  • Flight No. UR520/521 EBBMGQEBB is suspended effective Thursday 19th March 2020. All operations to Somalia suspended until further notice.

BJM / Bujumbura

  • Reduced Frequency for EBBBJMEBB. Flight No UR360/361 is suspended effective Sunday 22nd 1st March 2020 until further notice.
  • The rest of the weekly flights UR360/361 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will remain in operation.

ZNZ / Zanzibar

  • Flights to Zanzibar will be suspended effective 23rd March 2020 until further notice.

JRO / Kilimanjaro

  • Flights to Kilimanjaro will be suspended effective Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice.

MBA / Mombasa

  • Flights to Mombasa will be suspended effective Sunday 22nd March 2020 until further notice


  1. We are offering a waiver for change fees on all fares across our network effective immediately till 30th March 2020. A maximum of 2 changes will be permitted free of charge.
  2. Customers can change to a flight with no change fee. If there is a difference in the airfare or applicable taxes, due to the reissue/rerouting of the ticket, the additional amount will be collected.
    For further assistance with Cancellations, Rebooking and Refunds, please call Tel: +256 200 406400 04 / +256 200406418 / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your Travel Agent


Various Countries within our network have issued guidelines on entry of persons in response to the spread of COVID-19. Please refer to Information on Travel Restrictions below;

Country/ Destination

Travel Restrictions


Category 1: Italy, San Marino, Iran, South Korea, France, China, Germany, Spain, Belgium, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Malaysia. People residing in the above 16 countries should consider postponing non-essential travel to Uganda. Any traveler from these countries, including Ugandan nationals will be subjected to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival to Uganda even if they do not exhibit signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

Category 2: Finland, Philippines, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The Ministry of Health will observe travelers very closely.

Category 3: The rest of the countries will undergo routine screening upon arrival and be advised accordingly on the measures to undertake while in the country to prevent infection and where to report if not feeling well.


1)  The Kenya Government has suspended travel for all persons coming into Kenya from any country with reported Coronavirus cases.

2) Only Kenyan Citizens and any foreigners with valid residence permits will be allowed to come in provided they proceed on self-quarantine or to a government-designated quarantine facility. This will take effect within the next 48 hours to cater for any passengers who may be en route. This directive will remain in effect for the next 30 days or as varied by the National Emergency Response Committee.

3) All persons who have come into Kenya in the last 14 days must self-quarantine. If any person exhibits symptoms such as cough, or fever, they should present themselves to the nearest health facility for testing;

 This directive will be in force for 30 days


All passengers from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and all countries of the European Union and those who have stayed in these countries during 14 days preceding their entry in Burundi shall be quarantined for 14 days.


Airlines from countries in the region operating in South Sudan must check travel history (itinerary) of their passengers destined to South Sudan before boarding the plane. Passengers traveling from affected countries and areas with established local infection and transmission many be DENIED ADMISSION at Juba International Airport.


Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has banned all international flights to Somalia effective 18th March for the next 15 days.

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