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COVID-19 Updates: Flights Status and Travel Information

    Uganda Airlines has undertaken the necessary safety measures in compliance with approved guidelines by host Governments aimed at protecting passengers and crew. The following guidelines will be applicable for the flight

    All travelers will be required to present to the airline, proof of a negative PCR test result for COVID-19, conducted within 72 hours of departure and done by a health facility accredited by the host Government. Passengers must carry along an official printed certificate as SMS and digital certificates will not be accepted.

    While in transit, the returnee will be required to adhere to the host country's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for safe travel and the SOPs provided by the airline while on the plane. This includes wearing a face mask and sanitization.

    Every individual traveler is advised to carry a spare mask(s) in case they need to replace the original one that they have. Used masks will only be disposed of in a facility provided for that purpose.

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