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Explore Uganda (People, Places, Culture)

Uganda is called “The Pearl of Africa” for a vast number of reasons. Every corner of this beautiful country is endowed with beautiful wildlife, greenery, and a unique culture.

People: Uganda has, on multiple occasions, been named one of the world’s friendliest countries. The people of Uganda are known to be very vibrant, sociable, entrepreneurial, very warm and welcoming.

Places: Even at just 236,040 sq. km, Uganda is blessed with different types of vegetation; from vast desert lands to lush forests. With over 10 beautiful game parks being home to wildlife like the majestic elephant to the elusive gorilla, waterfalls, the source of the Nile and a large variety of birds, The Pearl of Africa has gained attention as a top tourist destination.

Culture: What makes Uganda especially unique is its people and a large variety of local cultures, with up to 56 tribes. Each culture bears a novelty to it; in language, dance, dress, and food, but all cultures are celebrated with great vigor.

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