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Manage your flights

  • Pay your booking
  • Change your booking
  • Choose your seat
  • Upgrade your flight.
  • Book special services.

Check the confirmation e-mail received at the time of booking. Find one of the following numbers.

  • Reservation Number is a 6 alpha-numeric code, e.g 1AF5GB
  • E-Ticket Number is a 13 digit code, e.g 123-1564586.

All fields are mandatory

  • Excess Baggage
    • You can carry more bags by paying online.
    • Baggage fee is non refundable.

  • Preffered Seating
    • Purchase your premium seat.
    • Select and change your preferable seat.

  • Cancel flight / refund
    • Cancel your ticket and refund.
    • The refundable amount is based of the ticket fare rule.

  • Purchase trip
    • Hold your booking and pay later.
    • Use your suitable payment form.

  • Paid Lounge Access
    • Hold your booking and pay later.
    • Use your suitable payment form.
  • Wi-fi sales
    • You have the option of buying Wi-Fi on board your flight.
    • Wifi fee is non refundable.

  • Exchange / Re-booking
    • Change your flight to your preferred date.
    • Get your new ticket after rebooking.

  • Upgrade flight
    • Change flight cabin
    • Get priority boarding

  • Passenger information
    • Add your meal request and special requirments.
    • Add frequent flyer number & earn miles.